MLB Network on premium tier?

Dave Tomm
Tue Jan 27 16:06:45 EST 2009

I have Charter out here in Worcester County and MLB-TV is included in  
the expanded sports package.  The NHL Network is also included in that  
tier, along with the various Fox Sports, ESPN's and other specialty  
channels.  Apparently the NFL Network wants to be on the basic cable  
tier (along with ESPN, ESPN2, NESN and Comcast Sports).  Charter has  
resisted, so NFL Network isn't available at all on Charter systems  
nationwide.  When I lived in Comcast territory we had NBA-TV, but for  
some reason Charter doesn't have that one either.

Right now you aren't missing a lot on MLB-TV.   They run the same two  
news shows ten times a day along with rebroadcasts of historic games  
of the past.  It will be interesting to see if the content gets better  
once spring training begins.

-Dave Tomm

On Jan 27, 2009, at 12:18 PM, Howard Glazer wrote:

> So Comcast (and Time Warner and several other cable titans) owns a  
> share of
> the MLB Network yet is still treating it the same way it treats the  
> Network? And Bud Selig is fine with this? I don't get it.
> Howard
> Maureen Carney <> wrote:
>> It (along with NBA TV, NFL Network, NHL Network, Fox Soccer Channel,
> Tennis Channel and some others) is in the sports package and not  
> included
> with standard digital.

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