WJAR dropps Weather Plus

Maureen Carney m_carney@yahoo.com
Fri Jan 23 09:43:44 EST 2009

NBC ultimately shut down the national service once they bought the Weather Channel. After 1/1 there were no live forecasts from any of the WJAR staff, just a loop showing radar and doppler along with the 7 day for Newport, Providence and New Bedford. No ads either, so it wasn't making money. There were breaks for ad insertion with NBC Weather Plus. I think it was done because the local cable companies (mostly Cox and Comcast) picked up 10.2 but were unwilling to give space for 10.3. I live over the boarder in MA and get it OTA with a regular converter box and rabbit ears.

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What are "the questions about NBC's weather service"?

Jan 23, 2009 05:37:45 AM, m_carney@yahoo.com wrote:

As of last night WJAR dropped Weather Plus on 10.2 and replaced it with Retro Network Television (RTN). They had originally planned to start running RTN back in October (on 10.3) but between RTN's somewhat shaky financial situation and the questions about NBC's weather service they decided to wait. RTN was running "It Takes A Thief" (which I haven't seen in over 30 years) and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" last night, and of course infomercials this morning.


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