Clear Channel Cuts Announced, 1850 People Out Of Work

Donna Halper
Tue Jan 20 21:37:15 EST 2009

I posted this to another list, but I did want to mention one Clear 
Channel personnel cut I found a little disappointing, because it 
involved a guy about whom I had a very positive opinion.  I don't 
wanna seem like I am dumping on CC, given that some on this list work 
for them.  But I am not exactly broken-hearted about Clear Channel's 
problems, given how their corporate excesses harmed broadcasting in a 
number of well-documented ways.  That said, I find it a small irony 
that Gabe Hobbs was one of the CC execs who got downsized.  Gabe was 
their director of talk radio. He has always been loyal to CC, but 
unlike some of the folks who worked there, Gabe was first and 
foremost a fan of good radio, whether rightie or leftie.  He always 
responded to phone calls and answered e-mail, and he was always a 
gentleman, even with those with whom he didn't agree-- also, as some 
progressive talk hosts will tell you from experience, Gabe Hobbs is a 
moderate rightie, and not an ideologue.  Thus, despite the well-known 
right wing leanings of the Mays family, Gabe was one of the few at CC 
who were supportive of folks like Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow and 
Thom Hartmann. He also supported developing local talk hosts, not 
just the syndicated variety.  Gabe and I were not on the same page 
politically, but he really did want to see some of the progressive 
talkers become successful.  Of all the people for CC to throw under 
the bus, it's a shame they did that to Gabe Hobbs. 

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