KSCO, like WJIB, a commercial station asking for donations

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>station asking for donations
>Eli might correct me but in the case of WBRS they 
>started out on 88.1 and they did not fare well 
>against WMBR especially when the MIT station moved 
>the xmtr to a high rise dorm after spending the Ted 
>Turner money.

Yes, I have a few corrections here.

#1: WBRS was never on 88.1. WBRS went directly from 
closed=circuit to 91.7 when they took to the airwaves,
which I believe was in 1967 or 1968, then they moved 
to 100.1 in 1986.

#2: The small station that you're probably thinking of 
that was on 88.1 and suffered interference from WMBR 
after their upgrade to Class A in 1979 was WYAJ from
Lincoln-Sudbury High School. WYAJ moved from 88.1 to
97.7 in the late 1980s, where their closest source of 
co-channel interference is now WAAF simulcast WKAF on 
Blue Hill in Milton. It's not necessary to hear WKAF
in the Lincoln-Sudbury area because the reception of 
primary WAAF's West Boylston transmitter is very good

#3: WTBS (later WMBR) actually moved the transmitter
to the top of high-rise Eastgate graduate dormitory
at MIT in 1971, where it still is today, eight years 
before receiving any money from Ted Turner. However,
that move in 1971 was still using the original Class 
D transmitter, which enabled the Class D signal to be
heard fairly well within most of Route 128, but not
as far out as Lincoln-Sudbury.

After receiving the grant from Ted Turner, WMBR was
finally able to afford to fulfill their recently 
acquired Class A status with the purchase of a 200
watt transmitter in 1979. That was when they began
to cause trouble for WYAJ on 88.1.

>With WRBB I'm not sure who they were causing problems 
>for but the FCC saw a way to stick it to Simon but 
>moving the station to 104.9.

I'd imagine that Pat Monteith probably had something 
to do with objecting to WRBB when it was on 91.7 in
Boston, on the adjacent channel to WUMB.


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