Finneran Asks For A Pardon

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Jan 11 13:25:49 EST 2009

On 10 Jan 2009 at 3:10, Dave Tomm wrote:

> Plus the fact that the previous 4 Republican governors (Weld, Celucci,
>  Swifty and Mittens) all wrote letters of recommendation to the 
> Republican president asking for the pardon.  If it happens, will Howie
>  call out all those GOoPers that went to bat for Tommy?  I tend to 
> think not.  He'll figure out a way to blame it on Gov. Patrick or Sal 
> Demacey..

No, Romney did not.  He apparently was asked but refused.  But 
Dukakis did sign the letter.  Governor Patrick was not asked.
> A pardon could restore his state pension as well as his law license, 
> which would make it much easier for him to walk away from WRKO once 
> his deals up, if not sooner.  Maybe that's why Entercom only signed 
> him to a one year extension.  I'm sure they want him to get the pardon
>  as much as he does!

It's not clear whether it would do either.  According to the story in 
the Globe, the head of the state pension board said that the issue 
had never arisen before, so there's no precedent.  The state Board of 
the Bar Overseers is not bound by the parden to restore his law 
license.  The letter from the four past governors mentions the loss 
of his pension and his law license as additional sanctions that would 
not necessarily be removed by a pardon.
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