WEEI hater faces criminal charges

Sean Smyth sean.smyth@yahoo.com
Wed Jan 7 18:55:58 EST 2009

On Wed, 1/7/09, Adam Gaffin <adamg@gaffin.com> wrote:
> "If someone finds a radio show that upsetting, the
> appropriate response is to change the channel," DA Dan
> Conley said. "Instead, we have here a pattern of
> extremely vulgar and, frankly, bizarre phone calls that rise
> to the level of criminal behavior."
> The DA's office says all of the calls were taped; does
> not specify whether any were used on the Whiner Line.

Was this the Man on the Way Up? I never could tell if he was schtick or not (I'm presuming he is, though), and he did return to the airwaves sometime last year after not calling into the Big Show for years.


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