Barry Farber

Mon Jan 5 20:25:46 EST 2009

Farber must be in his eighties although he sounds much younger.
Indeed, he doesn't sound any different to me now than he did when I
listened to him more than 50 years ago in New York. Can't remember
what station he was on back then. Might have been WOR or WMCA. Well,
he's on in the wee hours (2:00 to 4:00AM, I believe) on WBIX 1060 and
on Alex Langer's two networks CRNI (Cable Radio) and NRN (National

If you think that Farber's politics agree with mine in any way shape
or form, you are wrong. Farber calls himself a Conservative--and boy,
is he ever! He also appears to take no listener calls. Of course, he
didn't take calls when I listened to him in New York either, because
nobody was doing two-way telephone talk at the time. Anyhow, he just
talks--pretty obviously without a script, but apparently also without
notes. It's a wonder that he can do that coherently for two hours a
night five nights a week, and be--in my opinion--consistenly and
remarkably entertaining. The guy really knows how to spin a yarn and
he knows lots of yarns, most of them disparaging to Democrats. He is,
I guess, a throwback to Jean Sheppard although his subject matter is
quite different and not as broadly appealing. He also has an
incredible sense of timing--leaving the listener hanging on the edge
of a cliff as he goes into each commercial break.

If you've never heard Farber and you can pick up WBIX at night, you
really have to make it a point to listen. And if you are familiar with
Farber, my guess is that you will be delighted to find him again.

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