Overnight America

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Anyone else listen to the debut show? I listened for about an
hour--from about 1:50 to 2:50. One thing really impressed me: the
local board-opping was absolutely first rate! Does 'BZ completely
automate this for a birdfeed program source or is there (presumably
because of a union contract) a live board-op on duty? If so, which
union does she/he belong to. The job that I heard is certainly
deserving of a good deal more than minimum wage. What I heard was
absolutely flawless!

As for the show itself, I didn't expect to be impressed. However,
there was a chance that with my low expectations, I might actually
have been pleased. I was not pleased. What I heard did not live up
even to my low expectations. I don't think I will warm up to the
host's voice or delivery, and his choice of topics was a disaster. Was
it the worst talk show I've ever heard? No, far from it. However, does
it warrant being carried on those four killer skywave signals (KMOX,
WCCO, KDKA, WBZ)? Hardly! I believe that CBS could have done a lot
better for probably no more money. To begin with, the selection of St
Louis as the origination point might have been a mistake. Could St
Louis have been selected because of its geographically central
location? Years ago, nationwide toll-free lines to the MO/KS/NE area
were less expensive than toll-free lines to places at the corners (New
England, FL, CA, WA). Is that still true?

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