Subject: Re: demise of WHDH (AM)

Kevin Vahey
Mon Jan 5 09:04:43 EST 2009

My memories of the Record-American printing schedule in the late 60's
goes like this.

The first 'bulldog' edition (with the next days date would hit the
streets around 3 PM and was called HOME edition

Around 5 a second edition would arrive which was called '7 RACES'
which would have the probable street number (but was unofficial)

Around 7 a third edition that was called 'PAYOFF' which would be the
official street number. Sometimes the bookies in the North End would
change the track that the number to limit exposure.

Around Midnight the FINAL edition would appear and finally at 5 AM the
SUNRISE edition. (they also printed a Cambridge-Somerville edition at
that time)

Before they combined the names on the masthead..the Record was the
bulldog paper and the American the morning.

The Traveler when it was a evening paper printed 2 or 3 editions. One
came out at NOON...the second at 3 PM and the Stocks Final a little
after 5 PM.

I have the last Sunday Boston Herald Traveler which contains many four
letter words inserted by disgruntled linotype operators who were
losing their jobs. The final paper actually cover one of Boston's
biggest tragedies the fire at the Hotel Vendome where many
firefighters were killed.

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