no HD on BZ?

Scott Fybush
Sun Jan 4 22:53:12 EST 2009

Keith Fornal wrote:
> I have noticed that since Friday.  Perhaps it got laid off as well.  Other
> CBS AMs like WCBS & WINS are still in HD.  I know it is blasphemy to say
> this here but I like HD.

It's funny to watch the speculation on some of the DX lists about what's 
going on. It's just the backup transmitter in Allston, which is 
analog-only; there appears to have been a failure of the program line 
out to the main transmitter in Hull, and until it's fixed, it's 10 kW 
analog from Allston.

Incidentally, even with just 10 kW, the signal comes in here in 
Rochester just fine...and so do KDKA and local WYSL, where Bob Savage 
must be very happy these last few days :-)


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