Saying Goodbye - Was: Nightcap

Kevin Vahey
Sun Jan 4 17:27:43 EST 2009

I think Mac was just happy to be rid of Lujack.

Lujack wrote in Superjock that Mac would sit in the studio with him
ordering him to say things that popped into his head.

Coming from a big outlet like KJR to Bay Village must have been a
shock for Lujack.

Keep in mind the timeframe as well as this happened in December of 66.
Mac knew bigger trouble was ahead with WNAC and probably didn't want a
nasty fight with Lujack.

Baseball fans might nod yes when I say Mac Richmond was the Charlie
Finley of radio. He knew talent but was impossible to work for.

On 1/4/09, Don A <> wrote:
>> In those days Mac would have jocks on the air 6 or 7 days a week but
>> allowed them to record the weekend shows and the jock saw his escape.
>> In his last hour WMEX became WBZ complete with jingles and he promoted
>> the BZ jocks on the air. He knew Mac was in DC bothering WPGC so he
>> knew he could pull it off. The next day Mac fired him and the jock
>> happily went to Chicago.
> I would think under those circumstances the non-compete would still be in
> effect.
> (In those days it was, what...500 miles....i.e...Williams vs Richmond
> Brothers.)

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