Kevin Vahey
Sat Jan 3 23:34:39 EST 2009

The testy exchange came when sports guy Jimmy Young wished him well
and Tom said it wasn't his idea to leave NECN and he was not retiring.

Tom was never a Jack Hynes type and could never be called upon to make
observations of things. He was (and is) a newsreader and at one time a
very good one.

In Steve's case many of his hardcore listeners are outside of Boston
and not aware of what is going on. Taking down his website was just
cold there is no other way to describe it.

Sid we talking about an ownership group that let Stern rant and rave
against them until the end. Of course Stern was still making big bucks
for CBS so they looked the other way.

As far as Bob Dayton is concerned I forgot about the wife entertaining
victims of the bomb. Spouses of management had a lot of pull. The
story goes that Mrs. William Paley made him sleep on the couch until
he reversed the cancellation of Gunsmoke which was her favorite show.
He did so with lightning speed.

On 1/3/09, Richard Chonak <> wrote:
> Donna Halper wrote:
>> At 09:46 PM 1/3/2009, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>>> Perhaps the ugly farewell last weekend by Tom Ellis on NECN may have
>>> been fresh in the mind of BZ suits.
>> ooo, I was out of town last weekend-- what did Tom say and is it posted
>> anywhere?
> First, he vented to the Globe:
> This celebrity column describes his sign-off as "emotional" but doesn't
> indicate any on-air complaints:
> --
> --RC

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