Kevin Vahey
Sat Jan 3 21:46:04 EST 2009

Well I don't think Steve would have announced 'Paul is Dead' on his last show.

Perhaps the ugly farewell last weekend by Tom Ellis on NECN may have
been fresh in the mind of BZ suits. Jack Hynes was very bitter at the
Chicago Tribune on WLVI's last night as a stand alone station.

Still anybody who knows Steve would not have to worry about how he
would have handled it.

Funny thing about Robie's implosion on WABC was how in a world without
cell phones, instant messages or email it seemed like every college
student in Boston was glued to WABC within an hour. I was in my car
near BU with my mouth open wondering how long it wold continue.

On 1/3/09, Sid Schweiger <> wrote:
>>>I guess what bothers me the most about Steve leaving BZ is the way it
> was handled. That audience deserved a chance to say goodbye to him and
> for him to do the same. Doesn't anybody at CBS remember that
> ultimately this is a one on one business, the host (station) and
> listener.<<
> Letting a fired air personality say goodbye on the air went the way of the
> dodo bird decades ago.  The few rotten apples who abused the privilege
> (think Roby Yonge on WABC) spoiled it for everyone else.
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