Letting everything crash and starting all over again ...

radiotony radiotony@comcast.net
Sat Jan 3 10:52:55 EST 2009

The comments about the debt issues and corporate control are why I'm against
all these bailouts. 
The simple fact is that most of these media companies made extremely bad
While the shareholder is feeling the pain, workers and listeners are getting
the brunt of the pain. 
I say, Let them all fall apart and let new people come in with hard work,
ingenuity, new products, etc. 
If radio networks are losing everything, let them file for bankruptcy and
the fed can have a fire sale on the signals.
Newspapers are a bit different. Anyone can start one up and they are all
over the place. Some are 'net based others do print too.
But there is no reason why employees and listeners should be bearing the
brunt of all of this nonsense. 

Tony Schinella
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