This makes too much sense

Mike Ward
Thu Jan 1 14:21:13 EST 2009

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
 > But wasn't WBZ the
> only CBS property that was local overnight? What have KMOX, KDKA, and
> WCCO been running all night--Coast to Coast? A trucking show?

KDKA was live and local overnights all the way up through earlier this 
year, when they put "The Undercover Club" to bed.

Gary Dickson had the show until it was cancelled, but the name/format 
was long established by Bob Logue.

When I was a teenager listening to AM talk radio long ago, Perry 
Marshall held the KDKA overnight shift.

Now, KDKA runs Westwood One syndie host (and Pittsburgh native) Dennis 
Miller 12-3, and the Midnight Radio Network the rest of the overnight 
(the Texas-based trucking show I believe originates out of WBAP, or at 
least started there).

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