Chad Finn of The Boston Globe's take on local sports-radio competition

John Francini
Sat Feb 28 08:56:40 EST 2009

I think this is *yet more* of the Boston Globe trying to be the self- 
appointed Arbiter of All Things Media, when they can't even keep their  
own circulation going.

I'm sick and tired of the whining.  (That is, the whining of the self- 
appointed Media Blog authors and the self-appointed "guardians of  
radio quality").

I've listened to the alternatives available to me in the Nashua area  
-- Fox Sports Radio (on 900 WGHM) and ESPN 1400 -- and find them  
middling at best, with signal that disappears into hash readily, even  
on GE Superadios.

To be somewhat balanced, this doesn't mean that WEEI is without flaws.

o Dennis & Callahan are pretty good when they stick to sports.  
Anything else causes me to tune in Dan Patrick or Mike and Mike.

o Mike Adams is highly variable his own; he needs other co-hosts to  
keep him from floating out to left field.  (On the other hand, his  
predecessor Ted Serandis was far too earnest for my liking.)


When I turn on the radio, I *want* a distraction, I *want* to hear  
levity and humor and good "pals at a bar" type sports-talk. The Real  
World(tm) has far too much CRAP happening in it; sports talk -- in  
particular, the WEEI brand of sports talk -- has been an oasis, a fun  
place to go to unwind in the candy store that is sports.  I *really*  
wish self-appointed Arbiters Of What Is Right would stop trying to  
make WEEI into a duplicate of NPR.


On 27 Feb 2009, at 23:15, Sean Smyth wrote:

> Granted, it's not written unbiasedly, given the long-running Globe  
> ban on WEEI appearances. Nonetheless, this piece from Chad Finn (I  
> love his blog, FWIW) in this week's issue of OT, the Globe's sports  
> weekly, was dead-on, IMO:
> Thoughts?

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