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Fri Feb 27 11:41:43 EST 2009

Unfortunately, our Mr Nelson appears to think that HE is Rush
Limbaugh. One Limbaugh is already too many for heaven's sake! But
Nelson insists on beating the dead, dead, dead Fairness Doctrine horse
every chance he can get on this and one other list/message board that
he and I habituate. The subject and his views were centuries old
several months ago and they get a few years older every day. What's
more, for all I know, Nelson flogs this same dead horse on half a
dozen or more other lists/sites that I never see.

A note to Nelson: you are NOT Rush Limbaugh. Alas, we've heard him.
You and he have won the war! Unlike Limbaugh, you have no base to
energize. You are not adding anything to his one-sided diatribe. Do
you REALLY have to turn 87 to 11 into 98 to 0? Give the damned thing a
rest--a long, long, long, well-deserved rest!

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>>How many times does Limbaugh, have to be told that President Obama
>>does NOT SUPPORT the re-installation of the old "Fairness

He can be told until the cows come home, but that isn't and never was
the point.  Without challenging the Democrat Party (his endearing term
for them, mostly because it ticks them off), Rush has no show.
Calling a Democratic president a liar is just another notch in his
belt.  Look at how long Rush blamed Clinton for everything that was
wrong with America, years after Clinton left the WH, and he still
brings up Clinton as his favorite scapegoat-of-the-moment whenever he
has a chance.  That's what he does.  The minute he decides to side
with the "enemy," he's finished, and he knows it.

>>Limbaugh ought to learn to shut to his mouth for once and give the
>>man (President Obama) a chance to do his job, the job WE elected him
>>to do.<<

Not a chance in the world.  RL has already stated, multiple times,
that he wants Obama to fail.  He's playing it with deadly aim right at
his conservative base, who go hog-wild over exactly this sort of

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