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Peter Q. George
Fri Feb 27 02:04:08 EST 2009

Here's my take on the Limbaugh bit..... 

How many times does Limbaugh, have to be told that President Obama does NOT SUPPORT the re-installation of the old "Fairness Doctrine"? It's something (the FD) who's time has come and gone. Good riddance! There are so many new avenues today for expressing differing opinions including the Internet and stations like WBAI, KPFA, WWCR and more, that the need for a so-called "Fairness Doctrine" is pretty much moot.  Limbaugh has a tendency to "make a mountain out of a mole-hill".  He's just grandstanding for the almighty "Arbitron".  Now, with so many choices out there in this "multi-thousand stream" universe, there is NO need to insist that every single media outlet (including radio or TV stations) have to provide "equal time" to every "Tom, Dick, Jane or Harry".  For the most part, many stations DO provide for opposite opinions, already. It's part the free enterprise system, and it works.... pretty damn well.  There is VERY LITTLE chance that a so-called
 retooled "Fairness Doctrine" will ever see the light of day for the foreseeable future. This is NOT 1970. 

Limbaugh ought to learn to shut to his mouth for once and give the man (President Obama) a chance to do his job, the job WE elected him to do.  The man's only been in office for 35 days.  Cripes....., we've already seen what Rush's buddies from the previous administration did to this great nation's economy and its' reputation overseas. Not too impressive, not by a long shot.  NOW, it's President Obama's turn to show what HE is made of. Give the guy (and his cabinet) a chance to do the job.  If he DOESN'T, there's ALWAYS a ballot box in 2012.  I hope he succeeds.

Soapbox mode off.......

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> Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009, 11:34 PM
> On 26 Feb 2009 at 19:45, Sid Schweiger wrote:
> > But: They won't.  Their audience is energized by
> this sort of thing,
> > especially since Limbaugh has effectively called the
> President a liar
> > for saying he doesn't favor the FD's return. 
> RL is absolutely
> > convinced that some form of FD will be enacted via
> some sort of
> > back-door rider on a bill which the President will
> feel compelled to
> > sign.
> And then when it doesn't happen, they'll take
> credit for preventing 
> it.
> > With the conservative base, this issue has the same
> kind of legs as
> > the persistent urban legend, which the FCC still feels
> compelled to
> > periodically quash, that they will be banning
> religious broadcasting.
> They're not?
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