Michael Savage vs The Fairness Doctrine

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Wed Feb 25 00:25:16 EST 2009

The effort by Savage and the Thomas More Center isn't the only one; former San Diego mayor and current
Radio America talk host Roger Hedgecock has joined forces in establishing the Free Radio Coalition which
is dedicated to opposing the possible re-introduction of the Doctrine or something similar. The FRC
feels that government should not be a media watchdog and that during the Doctrine's time "it was repeatedly used by presidents and other political leaders to muzzle dissent and criticism" and that its repeal resulted in an explosion of different viewpoints,
led by Rush Limbaugh.

They're hoping to hold a summit of talk hosts and religious broadcasters in Washington D.C. to strategize.


The basis of this effort, which I support, is the line in the Constitution saying that Congress "shall make no law...
abridging the freedom of speech, or the press". Mr. Obama says he does not support the re-imposition of the
doctrine, though some feel that "localism" should be addressed. (Breaking apart the major station owners...?)

It's going to be interesting, at the very least.

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