WNSH weekend show

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 18:10:45 EST 2009

That sounds like Antonio, whose "Radio Minestrone" show has run for
years on WNSH.
When Doug Mascott used to do local music from 6 to 8 pm on Sat.
nights, it was followed
by him (we'd let him in to the Endicott Campus Center where their
studios are). I do
remember tuning in once while eating some pizza in Salem and he was
talking about why he
was for McCain, etc.

He has a tailor shop in Peabody which also advertises on WNSH (a woman's voice
does that one but he also plugs it during his show)

It indeed is the same kind of adult standards by Italian-American
artists you mention.

He IS still on WNSH. He's on right now (I'm a mile away--right now
he's speaking in
Italian...giving some phone numbers; now he's talking in English saying "you can
advertise for $21 a minute--(back to Italian)

Now he's mentioning some of the other shows on-- "my girlfriend is
Laura Ingraham pretty
soon we're gonna have a nice dinner!" Now he's telling himself to stop
talking :) Oops,
now he's promoting his tailor shop.

Here's a sound clip of him

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