DTV Follies

Garrett Wollman
Fri Feb 13 23:18:31 EST 2009

<<On Fri, 13 Feb 2009 22:35:13 -0500, "Keith Fornal" <> said:

> Per an article on, WJAR and WPRI will drop analog as scheduled on
> 2/17.  WNAC will remain on for 2 additional weeks and WLNE will remain on
> for 60 days.  WNAC and WLNE will only be showing local news and the DTV
> informational screens and videos.


The reporter appears to have forgotten about WPXQ.  (It's OK, nobody
else ever thinks about it either.)  He also doesn't appear to have
quite understood the FCC's decision (perhaps because he didn't bother
to read it, preferring instead to regurgitate a press release).  Of
course, there's also WRIW-CA (channel 50), but I don't suppose the
ProJo readership has much interest in it.  (And nearly everyone in the
Providence market who has an antenna 30 feet above ground, like the
FCC thinks they should, would have no trouble receiving the Boston
network affiliates.)

WNAC-TV will be moving its DTV from channel 54 to channel 12 at the
same time, so consumers won't be expected to rescan twice.


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