I'm headed to the beach

Robert S Chase attychase@comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 13:33:21 EST 2009

I would be a little careful here if you're thinking unemployment 
compensation is in the cards for you. I don't know if that is something 
you're eligible for but it looks like the way they're firing you is to make 
you say $%*& you to the second weekend thereby arguably screwing up your 
eligibility. It's one thing to be automatically eligible because you're laid 
off, (if this was a position that would be eligible in the first place) it's 
another thing to have to find a good cause exception to get it back after a 
finding of disqualification because of a quit. Maybe some of the other 
lawyers on this list serve who do more of this stuff have more or better 

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> After close to 5 years as a weekend/fill in Board op for one of the minor 
> players in the leased time ethnic game, I was informed today that my hours 
> are being reduced to zero... next 2 weekends off, 2 weekends on, then I'm 
> finished.
> On the plus side I will be able to spend more time riding or flying on the 
> weekends, Downside I will miss the people who bought time from us, really 
> nice people who made working there fun.

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