Link Between IL Senatorial Race & Boston Radio

Wed Dec 30 21:26:33 EST 2009

The way I heard the story a couple of times is that Martin accused
another REPUBLICAN candidate in the Illinois REPUBLICAN senatorial
primary of being Gay. No Democrats were involved. A Republican wrongly
accusing a Democrat of being Gay would be even more reprehensible,
IMO, but also more expected, because wrongly accusing Democrats of
being Gay is what Republicans (or a lot of Republicans) do. A
Republican making such an accusation against another Republican is
more unusual but less important (because both candidates are
Republicans and who--besides Republicans--cares how they destroy each
other). As a Democrat, my reaction is go to it boys; knock yourselves

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If you've been surveying the various radio sites on the internets
today (Tuesday 12/29), you may have
come across a dreadful story about a Republican candidate for US
Senator calling himself Andy
Martin.  He has accused a Democratic Party candidate of being a
closeted homosexual in
ads being run on major Chicago radio stations. If the name 'Andy
Martin' doesn't ring a bell,
how about his REAL name: Anthony Martin-Trigona?  Scott Fybush
chronicled this former owner
of WDLW-AM 1330, Waltham,  MA  in a Northeast Radiowatch column a
little over a year ago.

(scroll down to MASSACHUSETTS NEWS)

"Andy Martin" also got himself and Sean Hannity in hot water during
the 2008 presidential

In a recent outburst, he has also accused Wikipedia of being a
pro-Obama, tax-exempt scam,
possibly because of an unflattering profile of him within that online
(BTW, the article does NOT include any reference to his ownership of
WDLW;  feel free
to fix that!)
The Boston Herald has a story about "Andy Martin" on its website, but
it does not include his
connection to local media.

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