top TV personalities????

Kevin Vahey
Wed Dec 30 16:36:35 EST 2009

Henning started at channel 7, went to the old and new 5, then back to
7 and finally 4. In the early 60's he was also on channel 2.

The biggest TV personality ever spawned in Boston?

Julia Child

News anchors - Victor Best, Arch McDonald, Jim Jensen, Jack Hynes,
Natalie Jacobson, Tom Ellis, Chet Curtis, Jack Williams, Chuck
Scarboro, Jack Chase, Liz Walker to name a few

Weather - Don Kent, Dick Albert, Harvey Leonard, Bob Copeland, Bruce
Sweigler (sic)

Sports - The big 3 - Don Gillis, Bob Lobel and Mike Lynch.

Bob Gamere should be in the HoF but

Clark Booth the best reporter this town has ever seen for news and sports


Frank Avruch (Bozo), Major Mudd, Louise Morgan, John Willis, Janet
Langhart, Tom Bergeron, Capt Bob Cottle, Sonya Hamlin, Bob Emery, Rex
Trailer, Robin Young, Uncle Gus in Manchester, Al Capp and others I
can't recall.

Master of the live weather shot - Shelby Scott

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