top radio personalities in Boston?

Tue Dec 29 15:30:40 EST 2009

Howard Glazer wrote:
>And I remember listening to him (John Garabedian) mix progressive 
>rock and album cuts with Top40 at little WGTR, with that primitive 
>voicetracking that allowed either him
>or Don Kelley to be on the air seven days a week. Agree, a great radio
>personality, but a little too "out of the box" to become a legend rather
>than a cult figure.

I would put Larry Glick (mentioned earlier) in this category as 
well.  Didn't Glick spend his entire career doing late 
nights/overnights?  Most people aren't listening to the radio at 3am, 
so I'm not sure there's even high name recognition outside of radio geeks.

Not sure what you mean by "out of the box" in reference to 
Garabedian, but he didn't seem to stick with any one thing long 
enough to become "legendary".  Good jock though, and V-66 definitely 
deserves honorable mention (much better than MTV imho).  Got to sit 
in on Open House Party a few was amazing to watch him 
doing the Saturday show live while simultaneously voicetracking the 
Sunday night show, all with a studio audience of  a couple dozen.  A real pro.

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