top radio personalities in Boston?Talk hosts from the 70s: Jerry Williams, Paul Benzaquin,

Donna Halper
Mon Dec 28 13:09:38 EST 2009

At 07:17 AM 12/28/2009, Bill Dillane wrote:
>  Prior to his radio and TV career, Benzaquin wrote a book
>about the tragic Coconut Grove fire.

And as I like to point out to my students, that book shows how the 
language has changed.  When he wrote it in the mid 1950s, the first 
edition was called "Holocaust"-- I have a copy of it, and back then, 
the word still referred mainly to a raging fire, rather than its 
later meaning of what the Nazis did during World War 2.  When the 
second edition came out, Benzaquin had to re-name it.   (Btw, I 
haven't heard about Paul in ages-- I saw him about five years ago and 
he was in poor health but doing fairly well, given his age.  Anyone 
heard further about him?)  

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