Top Radio Personalities
Mon Dec 28 00:02:39 EST 2009

It seems to me that Johnny Most would have to be on the  list.   It's tough 
to find a more beloved figure in the history  of Boston Radio.  I'm on the 
fence about Ned Martin---you could argue that  since his career was split 
between radio & TV, he would not  qualify.   It is also unfortunate that his 
TV work was not nearly as  good as his radio play by play skills.  
Carl De Suze would have to be some where on the list.    On the plus side, 
his longevity and popularity would certainly qualify  him.  On the down 
side, he was clearly "phoning it in" for the last 10  or so years of his tenure. 
 He probably stayed too long; he  should have retired sooner.  
Chris  Sullivan

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