top radio personalities in Boston?

Dave Tomm
Sun Dec 27 22:51:05 EST 2009

I don't think you can leave out Dale Dorman.  He had a major impact on  
Boston Radio for many years.  He's also in the Radio Hall of Fame.

And Matt Siegel should also be in the conversation.  He's been the  
dominant morning show personality in Boston for well over a quarter  
century.  He'd be on my list.

-Dave Tomm

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> Oh, m'gosh! How could I forget Norm Nathan?
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>>> You can't leave out Jess Cain and Larry Glick. Either of them  
>>> certainly
>>> outranks Dick Summer or Bruce Bradley. And what about Bob and Ray,  
>>> who got
>>> their start here,
>> Wow-- you guys are really jogging my memory.  Bob and Ray went  
>> national, but yes they were beloved in Boston.  They were on the  
>> same station as Hum and Strum, as I recall (not a joke-- there  
>> really was a vocal duo named Hum & Strum-- Max Zides and Tom  
>> Courier, I believe; they were very popular in the late 40s/ early  
>> 50s).  I agree on Larry Glick, may he rest in peace.  And Jess  
>> Cain-- we really did have some amazing personalities on the air  
>> here...

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