WFCR translator

Mon Dec 21 15:36:49 EST 2009

So now I now basically moved to New Lebanon NY,
and catching up the Albany-Pittsfield radio
spectrum.  scanning the dial, landed on a
evening blues show on 106.1.  
nearest I knew of was WPDA, Jeffersonville NY.
Decent signal strength, could move indoor antenna
and virtually kill static.
So WPDA Didn't make sense 

But then I clearly heard ID "WFCR".
(5-college radio, Amherst).
huh? too far for the decent strength.  
Checked FCC database, ahhhh,
translator W291CH in Pittsfield -
near Bosquets Ski area. 

So, changing my home area is providing 
DX opportunities, but stations like old
WPTR & WTRY  (rock / top-40 in my youth)
are no longer the interesting part,
more the FM's, most of which have come
on the air since 1975.

Merry Christmas,and/or Happy Hannaka to all,
wishing the best of holidays to each person 
and station. 


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