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I've seen messages at radio-info.com complimenting WGBH's engineering
staff for the great sound of the new WCRB and a thank you for the
accolade from someone at WGBH thanking those who noticed and wrote
about it. In the latter message, I learned that there is now no
processing other than a minimal amount of peak clipping. I guess that
the person on this list whom you want to hear from is Mr Glavin, who
has long been WCRB's most severe critic (albeit for content, not for
audio quality). However, the ogre of Methuen apparently fancies
himself to be quite the audiophile, so his opinion on this, umm,
score might be valid.

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> Has anyone else noticed the deterioration of the once rich and
> vibrant  WCRB audio since WGBH took over?  It is now very thin and
> washed out sounding.......unlistenable, I'm not talking about less
> compression or other processing,  Now just thin bass and no vibrant
> sparkle or depth. Was a pleasure to listen to, no longer.

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