Globe articles on WCRB, WGBH

John Mullaney
Fri Dec 18 12:09:36 EST 2009

You do know that WCRB is available on WGBH HD2 right? And classical  
fans can afford an HD radio.

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> Today's Globe has articles on the "public radio war" between WBUR  
> and WGBH, and WCRB's new identity. Note the comments on the latter;  
> many complaints about the WCRB signal. Had the deal not been made to  
> switch freqs with WKLB, classical fans might be enjoying "All  
> Classical 102.5" today.
> As I noted, for many now it's "All Static 99.5"
> If Entercom would sell 97.7 or if WPLM's owners sold 99.1 to WGBH,  
> that would help. IF.
> (I'm wondering if WEEI may move to FM and displace either WAAF or  
> "Mike", perhaps to 97.7...)'
> public_radio_war_is_on/
> It's mentioned that "In the mid-1980s, former WBUR station manager  
> Jane Christo jettisonedclassical music and converted the sleepy  
> Boston University station toan all-news-and-talk format. Within just  
> a few years, ’BUR owned theupscale NPR demographic..."
> I do remember something like that. (btw does anyone remember if WBUR  
> used to have a show called Firesign World on Sunday nights which  
> featured comedy such as Firesign Theater?)
> Also: as far as I know neither WGBH nor WBUR (nor WCRB) runs a  
> syndicated show called
> Weekend Radio. Originated at WCLV in Cleveland with host Robert  
> Conrad (no, not the actor),
> the show mixes comedy bits by the likes of The Goons (Peter Sellers,  
> etc.), Flanders and
> Swann, Bob Newhart, and Jean Shepherd with light classical pieces.  
> Enjoyable; but as far as I know it has not aired in Boston. Wonder  
> if WCRB might consider it...?

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