Ch 50 weatherman Al Kaprelian laid off

Mike Fitzpatrick
Wed Dec 16 15:22:35 EST 2009

Dan (and others). May I suggest a website for you to start using for FCC
license lookups.   It is very accurate, contains a lot of information in a
easy to read layout and
includes a mapping program and even a Google earth interface. .

WZMY is in fact using 7.3kW from the Merrill Hill tower in Hudson, NH.
They never filed for a "maximization" when the FCC opened the window to do
so back about 7 years ago.

The only thing I can think of is, as someone else pointed, they all ready
are fed on all the cable companies.
This feed is Fiber., and they didn't have the financial resources to
operate/purchase a higher power UHF transmitter
or have a study done to put in the directional antenna they would need to,
to protect Hartford, CT at a higher power.
(Which might have also involved major tower work as well, which isn't cheap
So it just screams of being more "cost effective" to stay at the low power.

>According to the TVFMSTNS software I use, WZMY is transmitting with an
>ERP or 7.3 kW from a HAAT of 669' at a site 31 miles NNW of the Pru.
>Conceivably, this info is out of date. 

--Mike Fitzpatrick
Providence, RI

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