Ch 50 weatherman Al Kaprelian laid off

Wed Dec 16 10:19:59 EST 2009

According to the TVFMSTNS software I use, WZMY is transmitting with an
ERP or 7.3 kW from a HAAT of 669' at a site 31 miles NNW of the Pru.
Conceivably, this info is out of date. The OTA signal where I live
(Arlington Heights, just north of Route 2, maybe 1/2 mile west of the
top of Belmont Hill near Lexington) is mostly unwatcheable
(pixellation, long gaps in audio). If the technical info is current,
given the low power, the modest height, the long distance from where I
live, and the fact that I am using an unamplified indoor antenna
(which I think is typical for OTA reception in this above average
location), it is quite amazing that the signal is ever watchable. If
those are still the WZMY facilities, it is quite surprising that any
network would call WZMY its Boston affiliate. OTOH, some radio network
once called WGAW (1340 Gardner) its Boston affiliate.

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> Of course this begs the question of when WZMY will be sold or go
> dark. I'm shocked that Al hung on this long after Shooting Star took
> over. I wouldn't be surprised if the the MyTV affiliation goes over
> to WFXT on a digital subchannel (just like WNAC is doing in the
> Providence market) shoud there be an issue with channel 50. Before
> channel 50 signed as the Boston-area affiliate the plan was to run
> the MyTV programming middays on WFXT.

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