Herald mistaken about 97.7 being a rap station

raccoonradio@mail.com raccoonradio@mail.com
Thu Dec 10 13:43:31 EST 2009

An article in today's Herald states that rapper Edo G would be heard on Dec 20 at 10 pm on
"WBOT-FM 97.7". If any rap fan tunes in, they will probably hear "Bay State Rock" on what is actually
WKAF-FM 97.7, a licensed station owned by Entercom // WAAF. And they have been that way for several years. Actually I would think that Edo G would be appearing instead on WPOT (calls not officially licensed by the FCC) 87.7, an unlicensed broadcaster which is sending out the same format as the
former "Hot 97.7".

Don't know who gave the Herald that info, but I made a comment correcting them. Fans of the rapper
should be advised they can tune 10 MHz to the left of 97.7 to hear him. Unless for some reason Bay State Rock is doing rap, too, these days...

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