Internet Stream Sound Vs. Radio Sound

Mario Gonzalez Jr.
Fri Dec 4 11:49:15 EST 2009

With all of the things I've read about the changeover of WQXR and WCRB 
and both being available on the internet for those listeners who either 
can listen via computer or their mobile device, I'm wondering what you 
all think of the sound of music on internet streams vs. the radio.

Since I listen to mostly internet radio, I prefer when music stations 
use 128 kbps streams.  64kbps streams, especially those that use AAC+ 
sound ok, but anything less for music doesn't sound good at all.  I'll 
listen to lower bitrate streams if I am really interested in the 
station.  For talk, almost any stream rate is good, but the higher ones 
sound better, of course.

What I am wondering is how does this compare to the sound of FM radio 
and of HD radio?  Does it really depend on the type of music?  I've read 
various posts saying that streams of classical music just don't have the 
same sound as radio does, but I would think that a fast stream would be 
better than trying to hear a weaker FM station, for example WCRB.


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