Still Do AM Radio DXing?

Mario Gonzalez Jr.
Fri Dec 4 11:25:11 EST 2009

When I was younger and I lived in New York City, I used to love to 
listen to AM stations from all around the northeast and midwest.  I 
would love listening to the various baseball games on stations from 
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, etc.  At night, I would 
listen to WOWO, after WLIB went off the air.  I would hear the music and 
the hockey games (I can't remember the name of the team now).  I would 
also listen to music on stations from Buffalo, Albany and Windsor Ontario.

With these stations being on the internet, I can still listen to them 
and I can hear baseball games so maybe the hobby isn't quite dead, but 


On 12/4/2009 11:01 AM, Jim Hall wrote:
> It's really hard these days to find a decent portable radio that has decent
> sound and a decent AM section. I too used to use a little GE transistor to
> listen to Woo Woo Ginsburg when my parents thought I was asleep, and I just
> don't believe the sound on portable radios then was as bad as it is now.
> I have bought (and tossed) numerous small radios that just sound awful and
> either barely pull in the local AM stations or get overloaded from them. I
> live in the Andover area, and I had one digital portable from a certain
> national electronics chain that received WLLH from 1050 to 1600 kHz.
> I finally broke down and bought a Sangean ATS909 all band radio at YouDoIt.
> What an improvement! Much better sound and much better DXing on AM. But it's
> fairly expensive.
> More recently I bought a CCRadio 2 for my mother for Xmas, and that sounds
> even better (AM/FM/WX only though). It's a little bulky for a portable
> though even though it runs on batteries (4 D cells) as well as wall current.
> The sound quality especially on voice is much better, and the reception is
> great on AM. It was about half the price of the Sangean, but still over
> $100.
> I think programming also affects the loss of DX as a hobby. With so many
> stations carrying only national programming these days, there's not much
> point listening just to hear the top of hour ID when the same program is
> also on your local station.
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> I remember as a kid in the 50's doing it almost every night with my
> "Hi-Tech" GE transistor radio tucked under my pillow. I had a ton of QSL
> cards from all over the Nation. Is this a lost hobby? I imagine with all the
> changes in FCC allocation and power rules it's tough. I hadn't thought of
> this question in years.
> Thanks.
> Ted

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