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>I doubt whether the PSRA allows this. I'd bet on someone at the 
>station deciding that, if the PSRA allows 125W at 6:00AM in January, 
>when sunrise is at 7:30, it should therefore allow us to run the same 
>power ay 4:30AM in a month when official local sunrise is at 6:00AM. 
>Sure; that's what it must mean; if we get caught, I'll say that the 
>language was unclear. Until you get caught, that's called creativity. 
>Afterwards, depending on how many times you were caught doing it, it's 
>called "just pay the fine." 
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I haven't checked for December yet, but another station with 'CC' after 'W' has been
signing on before local sunrise all fall: WCCM-AM 1110, COL and transmitter site : Salem, NH
In October and November until the start of EST, when LSR was 7:00 am, WCCM powered up
at just before 6:00 am, carrying several minutes of Doug Stephan's first hour...same thing in 
November EST.

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