All-classical 99.5

Eli Polonsky
Tue Dec 1 17:57:50 EST 2009

> From: "Dan.Strassberg" <>
> Tuesday, December 1, 2009 9:29 AM
> At the 9:00 legal, I did not notice WCRB-FM-HD 
> listed. I did notice IDs for both WGBH-HD 89.7
> and WNCK 89.5, but does this mean that WCRB-FM-
> HD is silent or will the service that was on 
> WGBH-HD 89.7 be moving to WCRB-FM-HD 99.5?

The fact that HD wasn't mentioned in the WCRB ID
does not necessarily mean that they aren't now
broadcasting in HD. I'm not sure what the legal
policy is, but some stations that broadcast in
HD (but have no additional multicast channels)
don't mention HD in their ID's. WBUR and WUMB
both broadcast in HD, but there is no mention
of it in their ID's.

I heard WCRB in HD, while still in their old
configuration, this past weekend.


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