1200 and 1430 not a simulcast this afternoon?

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Mon Aug 31 16:42:50 EDT 2009

Yeah, r-i-i-i-i-ght... The only way you can tell for sure that the
tower is striped is to KNOW before looking at the foto that it is
striped. Gimme a break! Or maybe your monitor has higher resolution
than mine. Mine is 1280X1024. I tried all sorts of magnification in 
Internet Explorer and higher magnification did not make the stripes 
any clearer. In fact, I think I can make a case that you need less 
imagination to see the stripes at lower magnification.

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> If you look real carefully, in the picture you can see the tower is
> painted.
> WXKS's towers are solid colored (grey or white).
> WEZE's are painted with Aviation bands.
> --Mike
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>>Too little of the tower appears in the photo to be absolutely
>>that it's one of the WEZE towers, but it almost certainly is one of
>>them. The distance between those towers is a little more than twice
>>their height. The distance between the much shorter WXKS towers is
>>less than their height--probably noticeably less than their height.
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