Red Sox return to WEEI

Paul Hopfgarten
Wed Aug 26 16:26:42 EDT 2009

While WEEI is definetely worse than WRKO in my neck of the woods, WBOQ is 
good on 104.9 to Manchester, and as you move slightly east, 96.7 (Forgot 
Calls) (Rochester) comes in well. WGAM/WGHM at least covers the Rte 3 
Corridor from Nashua to Manchvegas, and WTPL kicks in north of there.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH (and now weekends in Freeport ME)......where one of those JAB 
stations (96.3) has the Sox......

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> Southern NH is tough.  The Sox really need to be on an FM there, or  get 
> the games back on WGIR-AM at the very least.  I live in Worcester  county, 
> and WCRN fills the Worcester and Metrowest holes nicely.  Once  you get 
> south of the Pike, 103.7 kicks in for just about all of  Southeast MA and 
> WXTK covers the Cape.  104.9 has the North Shore, and  the Red Sox Nation 
> parts of CT is covered by WEEI-FM, WTIC and  longtime affiliates 
> WILI/Willimantic and WINY/Putnam.  Maine is pretty  well covered too. 
> Right now the big gaping hole is Southern New  Hampshire....and Bob's 
> mailroom....
> -Dave Tomm
> On Aug 25, 2009, at 4:36 PM, Paul Anderson wrote:
>> On Aug 25, 2009, at 3:57 PM, Bob Nelson wrote:
>>> Bad news for me; I work nights and WEEI's signal stinks. Wait till  we 
>>> hear from all the Sox fans who
>>> can't pick up WEEI all that well and won't hear the games now. (If  I 
>>> were Entercom I'd simulcast on
>>> 93.7 or 97.7 too)
>> Most of the difference between WEEI and WRKO is coverage west of  Boston, 
>> where I would imagine WCRN would come in well.
>> While driving, I have presets for WGHM Nashua, WCRN Worcester and  WPKZ 
>> Fitchburg.  I also had one for WRKO Boston but I'll probably  change that 
>> now to WTIC Hartford.  And since I live in southern New  Hampshire, I 
>> have WTPL Hillsboro for spotty FM reception.  And all  of this is only 
>> _really_ necessary when they're playing away, as XM  Radio has the 
>> friendly Sox announcers when they're playing at Fenway.
>> Even with all those stations, the Sox are pretty much unlistenable  on 
>> terrestrial radio in my town.
>> Paul

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