Red Sox return to WEEI

John Francini
Wed Aug 26 10:56:07 EDT 2009

On 26 Aug 2009, at 10:35, Bob Nelson wrote:

>>> Right now the big
> gaping hole is Southern New  Hampshire....and Bob's mailroom....

And that big gaping hole in Southern NH has been bigger lately, as for  
reasons not known WGHM/WGAM has NOT been carrying the games. Monday  
night I might have understood as usually the Sox don't play Monday  
nights and someone might have had a brain phart, but Tuesday as well?   
They advertise that "Every Game is On THE GAME", but then they don't  
carry them.  They did this a few times in the first couple of weeks of  
this season as well.

Completely unacceptable.  If you're billing yourself as carrying  
"every game", then you're carrying all 162 games or you're carrying  
zero. No middle ground.

Any idea what the hell is going on?


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