Red Sox return to WEEI

Bob Nelson
Wed Aug 26 10:52:33 EDT 2009

Won't work unless I got a really good boombox; see, the mini-FM transmitter plugs into a headphone jack. Smaller radios, like Walkmen,
have headphones becoming your antenna for FM. A small little mini-FM transmitter wouldn't provide enough of an antenna for WBOQ
to come in. Even if the Sox were on WMKK, which comes in well, it probably wouldn't work.

And the boomboxes people have--well, you might think a Gloucester station would come in fairly well in North Reading but you'd be surprised. Most of the boombox antennae are crap. Yeah, you'll pick up WMKK (stick in Peabody) well. WCRB (Andover) and some of the
Boston FMs, but WBOQ?

It does come in better, barely, in our lunchroom (WBOQ that is)

Radio reception in our postal facility in general stinks. WRKO is great because it's so close. It was even better when we were
on Washington St. in Woburn; heck you could see the RKO sticks from the parking lot. WMKK is really strong where we are. If
Entercom decided to even just put the Sox on Mike 93.7 (go back to the music after the game) it would be so cool. Mike Lowell 93.7!

What's interesting is how well WBZ-FM may do even from the start. It provides an alternative and in static-free, mostly clear FM.
We'll see how the ratings do. Meanwhile Entercom, at least in Boston, gives us sports talk on AM, subject to scratchy reception
(lousy during thunderstorms; near power wires) if it comes in at all.

I do notice by the way that when WEEI goes to a break they will now say "we'll be back in 3 minutes" (they don't want the listeners
to think, oh great--here comes a 10 minute break--I'll switch to 98.5") and the sports flash apparently no longer starts with some
long quote from a sports figure: now Jim Cutler proclaims, "WEEI Sports Flash!" and they move right in with the scores, etc.

A little competition is a magical thing.

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