WDCR-AM 1340

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Looks to be a fairly new tower. For whatever reason, the skirt makes
the tower electrically very fat. Should be a very broadband
tower--good for IBOC;>(. Do you know whether the tower is grounded at
the base? I'd imagine that it would be. Maybe the skirt wires are so
far from the tower structure in the hope of avoiding problems with the
skirt wires shorting to the tower structure in wind or ice storms. Do
you know if that is the reason? Or maybe Dartmouth was thinking of
leasing space on the tower for purposes other than AM and the spacing
was made wide to avoid mechanical interference between any added
antennas and the skirt wires. There appears to be a story here! It
could be interesting to get "the r-r-r-rest of the story!"

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> WDCR's tower, is currently skirted as it is.
> http://www.necrat.us/wdcr_proam.html
> Above are the pictures I took of it 2 years ago. (There was major
> Construction both on and around the field at the time.)
> --Mike
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> Paul Walker wrote:
>> The sale of WDCR, if it happens, will include no studio equipment
>> and very
>> minimal transmitting equipment. Whoever buys it will have to move
>> the
>> tower
>> OFF Dartmouth University property.
>  IIRC the tower is (or was) on or adjacent to an athletic field on
> the
> Dartmouth University campus, and was painted green and white.
> Mark Watson

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