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Just because "West Lebanon"  doesn't exsist as an independent place to be
served, doesn't mean someone can't try.

Applications for new AM stations in "West Simsbury, CT" and "June Park, FL"
come to mine.

There's a sign on I-89 that says "West Lebanon".  Good enough for me!
But seriously, a sub-town CAN be licensed if it is a CDP; stands for 
"Census Designated Place".  One such is Bayside, Virginia, which is a small part 
of the very large City of Virginia Beach.  There's a station there.... "WBVA 
- 1450 (or 1490) - Bayside".
Of course, if you want to be Canadian with a 50kw station, you can 
generalize it as "CBA Maritime".   Maritime is the place (huge region covering 4 
provinces), Sackville is (was) the tower site, and Moncton, 30 miles away was 
the official location. Come to think of it, the call letters aren't legit 
either!!!  CB-- belongs to Chile.
----Bob Bittner

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