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Even though the towers were in a north-south line, I believe that the
Berkshire spur, which does indeed run east and west, must leave the main
Thruway and cut directly through what was once the WXKW property before
cutting across the couple of miles to the Hudson and crossing the River via
the Selkirk bridge (which probably has a name that I definitely don't know).
Someone in this thread described WXKW the site as being 10 miles south of
Albany. I can't prove it, but I believe that the distance from the State
Capitol building was probably more like 13 miles. The site location must
have involved a compromise. It was probably as far south of Albany as it
could be and still deliver the desired signal strength to Albany and Troy,
but it couldn't be too far north (that is too close to Albany) because the
designer had to minimize the number of degrees that Schenectady was off the
pattern axis to maximize the signal in that city. The signal in Albany and
Troy was very strong; in Schenectady, not so much.


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> Dan, thanks for the correction re spacing.
> I looked back at my calcs, & did have 283 for 5-tower length
> geeze, misquoting myself.
>> From: Dan.Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net>
>> . 283 degrees would be the end-to-end spacing for either
>> possible group of five of the six towers.
> wish I'd seen the towers from the train
> also, to others, the section of Thruway
> that later went by the orig WXKW site is ~n-s,
> thus not the Berksire extension,
> which connents to Thruway n-s section south of Selkirk.
> Bob / Madpro

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