WBZ-FM legal ID?

Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Fri Aug 14 01:45:46 EDT 2009

<<On Fri, 14 Aug 2009 01:19:17 -0400, "A. Joseph Ross" <joe@attorneyross.com> said:

> I turned the car radio to WBZ-FM this evening and heard part of the 
> Patriots game.  About 9:58 PM, they broke for commercials, no legal 
> ID.  About 10:01 they again broke for commercials, including two 
> promos for "98-5 Boston's Sports Hub" but no legal ID.  When DO they 
> do a legal ID?

I heard two legals in the never-ending post-game show; in both cases
it was a network break immediately after the never-ending top-hour
stop set.  Hopefully the post-game is over by now so I can get a
"normal programming" ID.  I'm also still missing new 98.5-2, 100.7-3
(the one I got still said WBCN-HD2), and 104.1-2 (never got one from
that service when it was on 98.5-2).  Hopefully I can get all of these
taken care of today, and then my collection will again be complete.


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