WXKW Albany

Robert F. Sutherland madprof@ix.netcom.com
Fri Aug 14 00:02:58 EDT 2009

the WXKW data I have, is from (from "the brief history of WXKW" 
an article I found online, but I lost the URL & the article except for:
"AM 850 (10 kW-U DA-1) licensed to nearby Albany NY. 1947-1952"
"TX located in Selkirk NY about 10 miles south of Albany."
"The array comprised six 300' Blaw-Knox square-cross-section
 self-supporting towers"   

"95.5 Albany   never on air    1950's?"

"call letters 1600 Troy  500w transmitter located off 19th St.
 in Watervliet   about 1961 to 1966"

Years ago, I read USGS Topozone 1:25,000 (pre-2005) coords at center
of --5-- towers shown:  42° 32' 50", 73° 47' 32"   Delmar quad 
site was west of Hudson River, nne of Selkirk (20 deg?),
e of Beckers Corners.   e of 9w,  w of I87 & 144)
also  west of Cedar Hill

from USGS I calc'd spacing between towers as 283 degrees.
orientation due north = 0 deg

Towers not on Google Earth 7-15-08  (no surprize)
[Watervliet site not found on USGS]

I have a pre-2005 USGS map (from Topozone)
showing the site, if anyone wishes, I can send the gif to you.

or, use Global Mapper (Discover life) "Make map" 
(enter coords in dd mm ss form)
"set map resolution" to 4.07m  (equivalent to Topozone's former 
most close-up USGS scale 1:25,000)
and insert the coords above (note: lat & long are vertical, pia)
[surprizingly, the 5 towers are still shown!]

Thanks for the WGY-KOA insights, Dan & Scott.  

Bob  / Madprof

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