WXKW Albany

Dave Doherty dave@skywaves.net
Thu Aug 13 21:08:58 EDT 2009

Linc said the same thing.  It's astonishing that they'd ever have gotten a 
CP co-channel with WHDH. Was it a daytimer?


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> Actually, I believe they were indeed on AM 850 - co-channel to WHDH, and 
> only 40 kc above WGY.  The story I heard was that the moment they first 
> went on the air WGY immediately filed lawsuits and FCC complaints that 
> they were interfering with them, which prevented them from ever getting 
> beyond the Special Temporary Authority phase of licensing.  That is what 
> doomed them...
> That's a neat story about recording the signal level toward Boston - I had 
> never heard it before, but it makes perfect sense given the frequency 
> used.
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> --- On Thu, 8/13/09, Dave Doherty <dave@skywaves.net> wrote:
>> I heard some stories about WXKW when working with some of
>> the old timers in Albany early in my career.
>> The broad picture I got was that it was basically doomed
>> from the start because they could never make the pattern
>> work, and the Thruway made them an offer they couldn't
>> refuse for their property sometime around 1954.
>> One story I heard was that every hour they had to switch to
>> 10W-ND for a few seconds to record the signal level in the
>> direction of Boston at some remote logging site. That would
>> have put them on 840 or 860, I guess, because they were
>> somewhere in the 800's and they certainly could not have
>> been co-channel to WHDH.

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