WBCN's Final Hours

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Thu Aug 13 01:28:08 EDT 2009

On 12 Aug 2009 at 21:45, John Mullaney wrote:

> What I think Mark means is that the story goes that before there was
> stereo WBCN and WGBH broadcasted some concerts where WBCN carried one
> channel and WGBH carried the other. The listener set up two radios and
> they had stereo. I was not born so I don't know the authenticity of
> these stories. 
That's quite true, though I can't remember whether it was WBCN and 
WGBH or WBCN and WBUR. There was also "The New England Stereo Hour" 
on WBZ, with one channel on WBZ-AM and one on WBZ-FM.  Before FM 
multiplex stereo, WCRB regularly broadcast in AM-FM stereo.

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