Question about a Dark UHF channel in Boston...

Eli Polonsky
Wed Aug 12 14:00:30 EDT 2009

> From: "Peter Q. George" <>:
> After many years of "on-air" and "off-air" operation, the 
> signal was restored and has been a repeater of WBPX 
> for many years.  
> The reason for having W40BO on the air as a repeater 
> of WBPX?  Beats me.     

When WBPX 68 was still analog from the Pru (up until
a couple of months ago), there were always areas on
the "wrong sides" of hills in the Boston west suburbs
where viewers got nothing but multiple ghosts on 68.
My mom's house in Newton was one of them. Those
viewers could get a clear analog signal on channel 40
from FM-128.

Also in recent months 40 hasn't been repeating WBPX's 
main programming, it has been repeating WBPX DT-2
"Qubo" children's programming.


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